Ballet Enchanté. . .BE Part of the Movement
Ballet Enchanté. . .BE Part of the Movement  

BE Part of the Movement. . .Sculpt your Mind & your Body

About Ballet Enchanté is a group of mentors, dancers, choreographers, musicians, actors, & vocalists who are dedicated to the preservation of the performing arts. As such, we seek to create an educational & performative environment that is charged with creativity, substance, passion, & achievement. 


Philosphy & Core Values: Led under the directorship of Alice Nemecek, Ballet Enchanté is a specialized arts education organization offering 3 primary areas of study: classical ballet, theater, & mind-body conditioning. BE nourishes & cultivates the technical & artistic proclivities of each individual student through a small, concentrated class size with a diverse make-up; a refined, humanistic teaching method that balances achievement & objective progress with creative experimentation & the empowerment of fulfilling artistic expression; respect & appreciation for the talents bestowed in each student; &, a responsive, attentive student-mentor relationship. Students who have been part of the BE educational program experience tangible results as they are given the knowledge, tools & opportunities they need to make considerable progress in their artistic discipline; &, such is done is a manner that promotes health & overall well-being. Our younger students have been accepted into competitive college dance programs, professional dance companies & exclusive academic programs at Ivy League schools; our adult students are bio-chemists, professional performing artists, & lawyers.

"If Inspiration is not accompanied by Application, the result is Evaporation." -- A Wise Man

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