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Ballet Enchante has made a tremendous difference in my strength and technique and has improved my dancing more rapidly than any other training I've had. Alice's focus on innovative conditioning and cross training exercises for strengthening and engaging specific muscles has given me the tools to truly implement changes in my technique and improve my lines. Specifically, this training taught me the correct ballet posture and how to hold my back and abs, which is something I have struggled with for my entire ballet experience. Moreover, Alice does not needlessly criticize and does not merely give corrections; she makes sure to clearly articulate what any problem is, how it can be fixed, and why it is important that it is fixed. In ballet, students can often only hear criticism--and unconstructive criticism at that--so Alice's helpful advice allowed me to improve by leaps and bounds. Alice also makes sure to tell students when they are improving, and how they can build upon any improvement. This method single-handedly fixed my arm placement, which is something I had nearly given up on ever getting correct. Additionally, the attention to ballet vocabulary and history means students gain important knowledge about the art form. This was especially true in Ballet Enchante's variations class, through which I learned so much about different ballets and performances, artistry, and endurance. Ballet Enchante taught me more about ballet than I ever could have imagined, and I enjoyed every second of it. I truly cannot recomend Ballet Enchante enough. -- Emily Johnson, University of Pennsylvania Penn Ballet Co & Penn Dance Co, BE Alumna

Alice has a deep and sincere love for ballet as an art form. She really cares about each individual student's progress and pays attention to their specific needs, bringing in new ideas, stretches, and insights from week to week. She works tirelessly, pushing students to improve technique and flexibility on a one-to-one basis. By incorporating yoga, Pilates and floor barre into class, she helps students to gain strength and a wider understanding of their bodies. Ultimately, she has high expectations but also works with you to meet them. -- Elizabeth Engelberth, Professional Actress, Arts Educator, & BE Dancer
Through my time dancing with BE, I developed skills in both technique and artistry and gained the confidence to perform classical and contemporary works, both solo and in a group. My experiences with BE have helped me to become a more capable and confident performer as I move forward with my dance career. -- Leah Wolfe, Butler University Dance Program, BE Alumna
I was lucky enough to have the pleasure of working with Ballet Enchante several years ago. Choreographer Alice Nemecek was full of creative vision, and her fierce and inventive style of movement made working with her fun and artistically challenging. Throughout my years of continued study of dance, including my years with ballet company Ballet Fantastique, Ballet Enchante continues to be one of the best projects I ever worked on. -- Lydia Rakov, Professional Dancer & Free-lance Artist. BE Alumna
I have danced as a student and performer with Alice Nemecek as part of Ballet Enchante (BE) since 2009.  As a dancer with BE, I have had opportunities above and beyond the typical ballet student, with multiple performances each year, with a teacher/director who is truly dedicated to the personal and technical development of all her students.  Ballet is a performing art, traditionally and holistically, it’s not an art form relegated to studios and practice spaces, but is meant for the stage.  Such a stage, to entertain audiences and showcase your hours of hard work and dedication is hard to find- I found Alice and she produces ballet for the stage.  Under the tutelage of Ms. Nemecek I have become more technically proficient, have been made fully aware of body placement, and the true principles of ballet.  She has shaped me, and continues to shape me to be the best dancer I can be.   The original choreography that Alice produces challenges any dancer, she will inspire you to perform above what you have ever been a part of.  She makes you a better dancer.  Alice's dedication to performance and original choreography of ballet is un-paralleled today. She is a visionary! -- Sarah Ferrara, Biochemist & BE Veteran Performer for 10 Seasons
BE has been the best training my daughter, Claudia, has ever received. Her technique, placement, extension & strength grew immensely under Alice's eclectic style of training. My daughter attends Complexions summer intensive ballet program & Miss Alice's ballet class was the only class that prepared Claudia for the study of bio-mechanics & its relationship to dance. In addition, Alice's originality & choreographic creativity expose students to interesting concepts that can be used in the making of a dance production (such as the Beach Boys suite) help them to prepare for the demands of a professional dance career. -- Sam Treston, Parent of BE Student.
I consider it a privilege to study dance under Alice with Ballet Enchante.  Alice’s original choreography, challenging ballet with a twist of her unique style, makes me feel like a beautiful dancer who owns the stage for a few moments.  Alice delivers correction effectively, always making me a better dancer.  Her ability to see when something is not the best it can be and make an effective correction is invaluable.  Her passion for teaching and performance is contagious, encouraging me to work harder and increasing my own passion.  My experience with BE exposes me to performers of many art forms; dance, voice, spoken word, drama, etc. and gives me a greater appreciation for the art of performance.  ~Isabelle Jimenez, BE student, recipient of full tuition scholarhsip to Ballet Magnificat!
Alice is very in tune with individual students. She works with their strengths and weaknesses and is very encouraging in bringing out the best in each and every one of them. She is dedicated to the art form and works tirelessly to design choreography that showcases students' growth. Both my daughters have benefitted greatly from her instruction and have gained confidence in themselves both as dancers and as performers. -- Dawn Bruhn, parent of BE students
My daughter adore their drama teacher, Miss Elizabeth. She has inspired the girls to be creative, thoughtful, & dedicated to the performance work in which they have been engaged. Since they have been taking the BE theater class, both of my daughters have embraced the writings of Shakespeare & Edgar Allen Poe. They have learned to collaborate & have learned from each other. Miss Elizabeth is a powerful muse. -- Susana Matos-Kruck, parent of BE students
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