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Ballet Enchanté. . .BE Part of the Movement  

2018-2019 Specialty Workshops

BE's Specialty Workshops will be held on Sats or Suns either at West Side Dance Center or the Investors Bank Theater. Workshops for this upcoming season include:


Modern Repertoire Workshop with Ariel Rivka Dance
Sat, Oct 20 2:30-4:30 at West Side Dance Center $60/student
Caitlyn Casson of Ariel Rivka Dance will teach “Variations on a Box,” a technically-demanding & athletic piece. Ariel Rivka’s movement style will challenge dancers to find freedom in movement that is simultaneously graceful and powerful. “Variations on a Box is incredibly athletic, energetic and lyrical all at once. These seemingly disparate juxtapositions in Grossman’s work are what make it so satisfying to watch, along with her use of kaleidoscopic groupings and staging.” – Critical Dance


Improv Workshop with Lydia Rakov
Sat, Nov 3 2:30-4:30 at West Side Dance Center $60/student
Lydia Rakov will teach improv movement, encouraging dancers to fuse ballet & modern dance. An experimental exercise in spontaneous creativity, this workshop is sure to benefit dancers who are accustomed to a codified movement structure and precise choreography. 


Contemporary Repertoire Workshop with Buggé Ballet
Date & Time TBD $60/student
Nicole Buggé will lead this contemporary ballet workshop, hi-lighting current movement trends in the field. She will also teach repertoire from her acclaimed NJ based ballet company. 


Commedia dell’ arte with Michael Donahue
Sun, Oct 14 1:00-3:00 at Investors Bank Theatre $50/student
Learn how to portray this type of comedy that was common in Italy during 16th-18th centuries. Led by NJ actor, director & educator, Michael Donahue. 


Movement for Actors

Sun, Oct 28 1:00-3:00 at Investors Bank Theatre $50/student
Learn about carriage of the body, gesture/body language, spatial relationships & tempo, physical connectedness & communication. Led by NJ actor, director & educator Michael Donohue. 

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