Ballet Enchanté. . .BE Part of the Movement
Ballet Enchanté. . .BE Part of the Movement  

The mentors at BE work to enable you to fulfill your individual potential. The shape of your potential may look different from another student’s potential based on a variety of factors (i.e. previous level & quality of exposure to the arts; current training regimen; level of personal interest & investment in the arts; personal objectives; & body characteristics). BE will inspire you to strive to maximize your potential as an end in & of itself & not as an end to satisfying the inflexible, unforgiving standards of coaches & society as  a whole.

            Sculpt Your Mind & Your Body. . . At BE, we aim to transcend “bounded” ways of thinking about movement & expression, & the execution thereof. We accomplish this through creative experimentation & freedom-enhancing training exercises, student input, & mentor feedback. At BE, you will enjoy an arts educational experience that will allow for overall adaptability & malleability, which will be prerequisites for adjusting to an ever-changing, uncertain future. BE firmly believes that you have the innate capacity to experience change & tremendous growth. Your ability to challenge yourself to conceive of movement differently & then to allow yourself to embody that image is liberating. Your ability to think of conveying language & characterization differently & then giving voice to such character is transcendent.


Why Wait? Be Part of the Movement. . .


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