Ballet Enchanté. . .BE Part of the Movement
Ballet Enchanté. . .BE Part of the Movement  

The BE Difference. . .

  • Small Class Size. BE caps its classes at 10 students to guarantee attention to individual requirements for progress. 
  • Highly-Committed & Engaging Mentors. Through personalized instruction, students achieve substantial progress proportionate to their commitment to the training course.
  • Tradition Fused With Modernity. Combining the historical foundation of the techniques & disciplines of classical ballet & drama, BE embraces modern trends of these art forms. Today's well-educated student & performing artist must receive a strong technical foundation, yet be versatile so as to absorb the challenges of the unique demands of cutting-edge choreographers & dramatists. To this end, BE offers specialty workshops made possible by New Jersey's leading repeteuers, in addition to its comprehensive training classes. 
  • We Want You Involved! BE offers open observation of its classes to friends & relatives of students & potential students, as well as colleagues, enthusiasts & admirers of the art form. Knowledge is power; the more that people understand performing arts education, the better! 




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